Wildlife can often be found in the most surprising of places. Yet all to often in our busy and hectic lives we walk on by missing the birds, the animals and the insects hiding in the undergrowth. However if you were to pause – even for five minutes – and listen you might hear an interesting noise. And if you were to follow it you may be pleasantly surprised as to what you find – a squirrel squeaking in alarm, a bouncing group of spuggies (or sparrows as they are more commonly known) in the hedgerows, a nervous pheasant crouching low in the undergrowth or a babble of starlings chatting excitedly near by.

I am not claiming to be a wildlife expert – in fact I am far from it. I am also perfectly aware that my english and grammar skills are not perfect. However all I would like to do is draw attention to the surprises and delights nature has for us if we just stop, look and listen.

Enjoy 🙂